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leading the air assault on libyan air defense and assets on the ground, the u.s. will pull back and hand over command and control to someone. when? >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> reporter: the u.s. role will then shift to providing logistical support while the uk, france, italy and other countries enforce the no-fly zone. but no one will say how long that will last. >> i wouldn't speculate in terms of length at this particular point in time. >> reporter: after all, the no-fly zone over iraq ended from the end of gulf war i to the beginning of gulf war ii, 11 years. >>> there is now growing international disagreement over the u.s.-led attacks. norway with drew its planes because it was unsure about which country was in charge. meanwhile, russian prime minister vladimir putin railed against the air strikes as outside meddling, saying it is, quote, reminiscent of a medieval call for a crusade when someone called on others to go and liberate something. >>> and be sure to stay with abc news all day as we continue our c
arranged by u.s. embassy left friday morning. there is a bus on its way from sendai to tokyo right now and many will also be taking those charter flights back to the u.s. it's the first wave of american citizens who will be making their way back home out of concern for uncertainty of the nuclear threat on the ground. all of the focus on the nuclear reactor, though, has overshadowed a humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold to the north of us. the death toll now stands at more than 6,000, more than 10,000 still missing. and we're hearing some evacuation centers are still waiting for supplies a week after the earthquake hit. >> and, akiko, one of the factors of this story many people continue to worry about are the workers there around the plant, in the plant. what is the latest on them? >> reporter: well, we are learning more about the operation that's under way. we understand there's about 20 0 to 300 workers involved in this last-ditch effort. they're rotating about 50 workers at a time. we know they're sleeping in a small living room. they are running out of food. we have not le
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martha raddatz reports now on the u.s. response. >> reporter: dozens of helicopters from the carrier "uss ronald reagan" are delivering food and supplies nonstop. others are searching for the thousands still missing or stranded by the quake. and the ravaging waters that followed. seven u.s. ships with thousands of sailors aboard are now taking part in the effort with four more ships on the way. >> we're first to respond to anything that goes on in this world. i feel that we are -- we put our best effort forward and we give them all the resources that we would give anybody in america. >> reporter: marines from okinawa and dozens more transport helicopters have moved up the coast of japan. at least 100 air force personnel are working to restore electricity to an air base near the most effected areas. and the 150-member search and rescue teams from virginia and california that have been called upon in so many tragedies, will be moving out into the stricken towns. an indication just how desperate the japanese are for aid, in the 1995 earthquake there where 6,000 people died,
. >> with us now here in our washington studios is chuck advance, a veteran of 14 years with the secret service who was assigned to the detail that guarded president ford and who is now a partner in a private company specializing in a personal security issue. chuck, i know you wanted me to make the point that you are not here as a spokesman for the secret service but it is, obviously clear that spokesmen for the secret service don't appear on fwigs and you are a man who has spent many years with the service. we would like to take a look with you of that same piece of videotape that we saw just a moment ago. this time we're going to look at it in slow motion. i would appreciate, chuck, if you would give us the benefit of explaining to us what went right and what went wrong. in fact, some thing were done right but there must have been some things that went terribly wrong. let's take a look at the videotape and would you comment. >> i think you're looking at it from just about the viewpoint of the assailant. you're watching from his direction. the president came out. he's waving to the crowd, as h
, is to do those things, but really, we don't teach them anything. they teach us to have strength for them. oprah: you've been beautiful today. thank you for being here, marie osmond. good-bye, everybody. bye, everybody. [marie singing "pie jesu"] [captioning made possible by king world] [captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org--] e e e e e e >> enough is enough, right? we're looking at low 50s in the northeast. mid-40s from minneapolis to chicago. a balmy nice temperature there looking like 87 in phoenix. and also miami looks good at 87. nice. >> i'll take that any day. >>> well, this is a fish story about the one that did not get away. in fact, the eight-foot mako shark caught itself. the crew of this commercial fishing boat was dumping bait in the gulf of mexico hoping to catch a little red snapper. >> the shark apparently smelled food and could not wait. it leaped into the back of the boat. the crew could not get close to the shark to push it back in the water. when they got to shore they needed a forklift to unload the shark. >> i would have had a heart attack.
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told us, we had it all wrong. politics plays no role in who gets the billions of dollars in coveted loans for green energy company start-ups. it's all about merit. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> following the money. >>> in other news now, at least one person is dead after an apparent gang shooting. gunfire broke out as a group of men watched their girlfriends play a powder puff football game in houston. it was not a school-sanctioned activity. the shooting took place in late afternoon after classes were out. >>> we have adramatic rescue to show you from malibu, california. the l.a. county sheriff's shafb's department brought out the chopper after a woman fell 30 feet down in the canyon. they pulled her out, flew her to a drama center. pretty incredible video as you watch her being rescued. >> wow. >>> florida is bracing for another wet and wild day after a line of storms whipped up winds as high as 85 miles an hour there. on top of that, one tornado was reported yesterday as torrential downpours and powerful winds tore through the central part of the state, toppling trees and po
out on a 15-hour flight to botswana and he'll use his background in hospital administration to help patients there with hiv and aids, a crippling problem in that country. >> good for him. that is very cool. by the time his two-year term is over, he may be the oldest person ever in the peace corps. the average age of volunteers is about 28. >> he can be the elder statesman of the peace corps. >> making good use of his time. good for him. >> long, productive life. more "world news now" coming up. more "world news now" coming up. >>> well, this week marks 30 years since president ronald reagan was shot and nearly killed by a deranged young man. >> so many years later we're hearing details, new details of the life-threatening moments and also about the grace and humor with which he survived them. here's "nightline" anchor terry moran. >> reporter: it was a moment of truth for the country and for the man. six shots less than two seconds. and in the chaos, three men down, the gunman, 25-year-old john hinckley jr., subdued in a bristling pack of secret service agents. a crisis for a young,
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. >>> help from the u.s. is arriving in the quake zone. urban search and rescue teams from fairfax, virginia, and los angeles are joining rescuers from japan and other countries. highly drained dogs are able to detect live victims who might be buried in the debris. the teams land the at a u.s. air base about 150 miles north of sendai. >>> the nuclear fears from this crisis in japan are only raising concerns here in the u.s. what if such a disaster ever hit us here at home? david kerley has more on that. >> reporter: japan had never declared a nuclear emergency. it is dealing with six runaway reactors. two in dire shape. >> two reactors now where we have core that is partially melted. this is unprecedented. >> reporter: the good news, inside those buildings, the hot nuclear cores and their primary containment housings are said to be intact. but with no electricity, the japanese are reportedly using firetrucks, taking the drastic step of pumping sea water into the cores and flooding the containment housings of both reactors. a last-ditch effort to cool the cores to stop the nuclear reaction. >
a mile away, thousands of aussies gathered to greet us at federation square. our team enlisted some of australia's top talent to entertain the massive crowd. australia's top pop star, jessica mauboy. and aussie's number one vocal group, human nature. [crowd chanting "oprah"] oprah: the crowd was on fire. the energy electric. [cheering] >> now, this is your opportunity to say a big melbourne g'day to oprah winfrey. [cheering] oprah: hello, me have to say, i've never seen a welcome like this in my life. nothing like this in my life! in my life. in my whole life! wow! i love the fact that you all have supported me and supported this show and cared enough to come down here to federation square to say hello. [cheering] oprah: i was sorry to arrive in this country and hear about all of the devastation happening with the floods, but i know that you're open-hearted, big-hearted you will look inside yourselves and where you can give back and where you can help and where you can be generous with those victims of the flood. you will do that. you will do it. [cheering] oprah: i can't wait to se
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and looked at the medical reports, it was not supporting what the -- what ms. norwood told us. >> reporter: all this contradicts the story she told police. according to her after closing up the store for the night, she and jayna murray went in to pick up her wallet. to men followed them in, bound and beat her. they found no sexual assault on either victim. murray car was moved and spattered with norwood's blood. workers at this apple store next door said they heard two women arguing. as you go through a list of 14, 16, 18 things the victim told you, you can draw a line through almost every one of them. there was one other thing -- norwood's wounds were superficial. murray were deep. in college megan healy said some of her soccer teammates were weary. >> girls that had known her longer than me told her things like, watch your locker, keep it locked, she's been known to steal things. >> reporter: she said she never knew she would be capable of a grizzly, calculated murder. john hendren, abc news, washington. >>> a wireless mega merger is under way. at&t is buying t-mobile for $39 billion. th
with it. you see the damage here is going to be unfolding in front of us for quite some time. >> staggering. consider this number, for example, the last big quake to strike japan was back in 1995, a 6.8 magnitude quake, 6,000 people died in that disaster. right now we're hearing various reports of 8.4 to 8.8, even to 8.9 magnitude quake. a much stronger quake than the one back in 1995. you can imagine, as peggy said, the extent of the damage here. literally buildings in tokyo just shook violently. people being evacuated and issuing dire warnings that if you're in the coastal areas, not just of japan, but several other countries to get to higher ground as fast as you can. other tsunamis could be triggered by this massive quake. >> the tsunami most people are familiar with hit in 2004 right after the christmas holiday. that was a 9.1 earthquake that triggered that enormous tsunami that cost so many people their lives. now, looking at this right now, we're hearing reports of 8.9. just slightly less than the 9.1 that caused that tsunami. you can imagine that really what we're loo
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because i was in opposition to this plan. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department is investigating to determine if bell city leaders were violating the citizens' rights. the deeper they dig, the more outrageous this appears. in a state the police union says, the memo was merelily a parody of robert rizzo's profoundly nonsensical towing policy. >> it hurts. people were harmed. and they shouldn't have done that. >> reporter: people here want the bullying stopped and money back from city leaders they say crossed the line. mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. >> unbelievable. >>> right now taking a look at your weather. the pacific northwest is battered again with heavy rain and strong winds. the rain stretches south to san francisco. and an arctic blast from canada moves across the upper midwest to the northeast bringing snow from adirondacks to maine. >> a bit warmer for the east. 67 in atlanta. 57 in baltimore. but a big drop across the upper midwest and great lakes. just 5 degrees in fargo. 29 in chicago. still cool in the west. just 62 in l.a. >>> around the corner, wedding weat
that fragile economy. >>> the u.s. military is operating helicopter rescue missions off the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan" and so far this morning they've rescued stranded survivors, delivered supplies and helped move injured to the hospital. as our christiane amanpour found out, so many much is needed. >> translator: i need food. i'm running out of food, says this business woman. the good news is some aid was prepositioned. part of japan's earthquake preparedness. we're trying to feed 2,000 people, maybe more. we'll continue as long as our rice lasts, says this aid worker. but the rice, like the rest of the supplies, is not nearly enough. so much more is needed and the effort is heshg lee yan. we saw that firsthand at the red cross command center here. what is your biggest challenge right now? >> the biggest challenge is for our relief operation at this moment is logistics. >> reporter: much of northern japan's infrastructure is in tathers as we saw from the air. coastal roads, bridges and rail system are all under water. making it nearly impossible to reach by land. so, for now, the
is live for us in northern japan. hi, akiko. >> reporter: good morning to you. the news out of japan has not been all too promising on the nuclear front today. we've just learned from tokyo water bureau officials that they have found levels of radioactive iodine in some city tap water. and those measured two times the recommended limit for infants. officials say the water is not an immediate health risk to adults but they have asked parents to stop giving their babies tap water. now, that adds to the list of products that have been effected by radiation leaks. vegetables, including broccoli and spinach, raw milk, even sea water have all been tainted. this came on a day when a spike in radiation levels forced workers to pull out of reactor number two at fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. they have been working to restore there -- restore the power there and stabilize the plant. the setback really shows the challenges workers are up against nearly two weeks into this crisis. in areas devastated by the tsunami, another moderate earthquake struck. this one centered in fukushima near that nucle
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to him are all aware of it, he's lying. >> reporter: as for gadhafi's claim no force has been used, this man had evidence to the contrary. like many here, he showed us pictures of the dead far too graphic to be shown on television. >> they're not playing games with the people. we are real. he's a killer. believe me. >> he is a terrorist. he is a terrorist. they are looking for freedom and we are free at last. free at last! free at last! >> reporter: in a benghazi cafe, they had a simple wish. >> we want gadhafi die. >> reporter: alex marquardt, abc news, benghazi, libya. >> crude oil prices are hovering around $98 a barrel as traders keep an eye on the unrest. libya's top oil official said the country's crude production has been cut by 50%. here at home the national average price of a gallon of unleaded has reached $3.38, up more than 19 cents in one week. i paid almost $4 yesterday for a gallon. >> it's crazy. events of the world do affect us here at home. >>> the chance of a federal government shutdown bit end of the week could be less likely. >> a short-term plan has been put in
this morning, russian spy anna chapman was caught here in the u.s. and then, of course, dpee parted but she didn't go home in disgrace and she didn't exactly disappear welcome back into the shadows. instead she's got public in a very big way, except when it comes to her exploits as a secret agent. nick watt has her story. >> reporter: flamed hair femme fatale, undercover party girl. chapman was, well, the best looking of the russian spies spent home in disgrace. now she's got her own tv show. mysteries of the world with anna chapman. >> i never saw myself as a tv star. like, you know, most people, they dream of being a tv star, like they dream of fame. it never happened to me. i never even thought of that. >> reporter: the saucy spy posed for racy magazine spreads. there are anna chapman action dolls. she's moving into politics, trademarked her name and added volume to her hair. but this is her first foreign tv interview. it's quite unusual for a former secret agent to become a television star. >> who told you i was an agent? >> reporter: so, you deny being a secret agent? >> as i said befo
harmful than radiation in the air. here in the u.s., border agents. >> they picked up radioactive blueberries coming from russia. that system is now in place, screening over 99% of our food that comes in here. i think it's safe. >> reporter: the carrier "uss george washington" moved out of tokyo bay last week was moved further off the coast out of concern it could be exposed to too much radiation. >> t.j. winick, thank you. >>> back here in the united states, hundreds of home near denver are being threatened by wildfires burning in nearly perfect conditions. flames are being pushed by winds up to 40 miles an hour. there's plenty of dry vegetation, also very low humidity. one official even called it, quote, a recipe for a fire disaster. more crews are being added to the effort today. >>> meanwhile, salvage cruise near san francisco are trying to round up more than a dozen sailboats that washed ashore there. the boats got stuck on rocks and beaches after breaking from their morings over the weekend. cruise inspecting the boats say most will probably have to be scrapped. the coast gu
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that door. >> thank you for having us here. oprah: thank you for opening the door wide enough for all of us to come through. thank you. cheers to all. [cheering] oprah: cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody! [captioning made possible by king world] captioni[captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org--] if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta. and if you wake up often in the middle of the night... rest is here on the wings of lunesta. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely an
. >> we could save fuel on air force one if-f he uses -- >> he could take his own plane. >>> how are the skies up there? let's take a look at your weather. you'll run into thursday showers in the western part from northern california all the way up to seattle. up to a foot of snow in the cascades and rockies. showers in chicago, detroit, milwaukee and northern michigan. but warming up on the east coast. >> that's right. 61 here in new york. 74 in atlanta. 83 in miami. dallas climbs to 80. kansas city at 75. minneapolis at 55. 88 degrees in phoenix. 76 in albuquerque. 43 in salt lake city. 52 in portland. >>> spring is already in the air at the white house as the first lady descended on the south lawn with a small army of helpers. >> first lady michelle obama planted her popular vegetable garden for the third time. about two dozen local fifth graders were invited to pitch in in the planting. the garden is used as a symbol in mrs. obama's fight against childhood obesity. get this, 2,000 pounds of veggies have been produced from that garden. that's impressive. >> not bad at all. the
in the window. and then, of course, one in my car. >> reporter: he told us his home was hit by a barrage of bullets shortly after he finished a conversation with his elderly next door neighbor. >> she said, i'm not leaving without a kiss. and i said, well, i've got a girlfriend. so, i'm not going to give you no kiss. >> reporter: when this shot was made, bettener was standing just on the opposite side of this window. >> but when the bullet come through the window here, it hit right here. >> reporter: when marion county deputies went next door to bettener's home near ft. mccoy, she told them she didn't know where they found her weapon but he had found anselmmy automatic on an end table. in court she asked the judge to release her from jail. >> is there any way you can release me on my own recognizance and -- >> ma'am, these are very serious charges. >> i realize it now, but -- >> okay. >> i did not intend to shoot into -- >> because she's pretty much raised hell with me for quite a while. but i never thought she'd start shooting at me. >> and that was melanie holt. she was charged with se
community, call us or visit debtadvice dot org. t.j. winick has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rob and peggy. if you're having a hard time figuring out how the recovery operation is going in japan at that nuclear power plant, you're not alone. day after day, heart break in japan's tsunami-ravaged northeast. this week yet another mass burial. there is no denying the scope of this country's tragedy. but at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant, the threat appears to change day to day. even hour to hour. >> workers can only go in for 30 minutes, getting a fuel year's dose of radiation. this is really bad. >> reporter: that assessment was just one week ago. we were told plant workers were essentially engaged in a suicide mission. one writing in an e-mail, if we're in hell now, all we can do is crawl up toward heaven. then we hear from american dr. robert gale, who spent years working in chernobyl and now in japan. this is his take on the workers. >> i don't think that they are at extraordinary risk unless something really goes wrong. >> reporter: so, why the mixed mess
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-facing seats. booster seats should be used until a child is 8 years old or tall enough to sit in a regular seatbelt. children 13 and younger need to ride in the backseat. the previous recommendation made nine years ago told parents to keep kids under age 1 in rear-facing seats. the latest studies show kids age 2 and under have a much higher accident survival rate if buckled up and facing the rear. >>> today is the first day of spring, thank you, but you wouldn't know it in the sierra, nevada range where 3 feet of snow fell over the weekend. and they're bracing for more white stuff today. the snow forced major highways were shut down backing up miles. and flooding in sacramento area is now menacing central and southern part of the state. but spring is here. >> i feel for them. i couldn't take another snowstorm. i can't take it. >>> here's your monday forecast. those showers stretch from vegas to phoenix. up to a foot of mountain snow in the rockies. showers and thunderstorms from omaha to cincinnati. rain from philadelphia to boston mixing in with snow in northern new england. >> 41 in bost
is facing now new pressure from congress over the u.s. military's role in libya. >> republicans are now demanding specifics from the president about his goals in libya. john hendren has the latest from washington. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. as the military operation in libya enters its sixth day, at least in public, moammar gadhafi is showing no sign of giving up. sources say obama administration officials have told european allies they want to hand off control of the international operation in libya this week. nato is already activating ships and planes in the mid terrain yan, a move president obama describes as u.s. exit strategy. >> the exit strategy will be executed this week in the sense that we will be pulling back from our much more active efforts to shape the environment. >> reporter: in benghazi they're cheering a no-fly zone as airborne life line. pro-democracy rebels are holding onto that area. secretary of state hillary clinton calls it the humanitarian catastrophe that did not happen. >> gadhafi' troops were poised to enter benghazi over the weekend, put
to signal the readiness to use it but the condition for using it are not there yet. >> reporter: but with the economy just starting to rebound, and then drivers, also known as voters, complaining about gas prices, there may be plenty of political pressure. >> so, are we using this now as a political football in essence? >> it always has been. it was from the start. >> reporter: he studied president clinton's release of some of the reserve back in 200 shortly before election and concluded politics drove the decision and there was no conclusion the release lowered gas prices. president obama could receive similar criticism if he opens the relief now. >> this decision, i think, would have a bad odor to it. so, he's probably weighing whether the politics will go north or south and we'll see. >> reporter: as a candidate, mr. obama was not opposed to a release from the oil reserve back in 2008. now he's considering a move, that certainly didn't seem to be the reserve two weeks ago when he said, we'll be able to ride out the libya situation and it will stabilize. david kerley, abc news
. >>> now to a story that shocked even us, even though we work the tough overnight hours. staffing at air traffic control towers around the country is being reviewed after two planes were forced to land at one of the nation's busiest airport without the tower's help. the lone controller apparently nodded off. jim sciutto reports from reagan national. >> reporter: for more than 20 harrowing minutes the tower at reagan national airport had gone ominously quiet. at 12:10 american airlines flight 1900 from dallas could not reach the tower after being handed over from regional controllers. the pilot executed a go-round following routine aviation procedure. failing to raise the tower on the second approach, the pilot treated the airport as if it were uncontrolled and landed. 15 minutes later, a united flight was also unable to contact anyone in the reagan tower. >> tower is apparently unmanned. called on the phone and nobody's answering, so that aircraft went in just as uncontrolled airport. >> that's interesting. >> it is. it's happened before, though. >> reporter: both flights landed s
, your favorite memory. >> when we were on bahrain, we used to wake up early and walk the beach with a coke, coca-cola and skittles or snickers. oprah: waking up and walking the beach. >> yeah. oprah: that's a good one. >> i just have to say spending some "quality time" away from the two, just me and him. oprah: mm-hmm. >> the one time we went on the roof when we were in las vegas--of our house--and we just saw the luxor lights. we just saw the city of lights. we were eating snickers, and we had some soda, and... oprah: what kind of dad was he? was he a strict disciplinarian or could you get away with anything with him? >> he was strict. >> he could get away with anything. oprah: he could ger away with it, huh? >> uh-huh. oprah: he could get away with it. you couldn't get away with it? no? and so when you would have quality time, what would you do besides eat snickers? >> sometimes he would take me to an art museum because we both loved art, and we would do a lot as a family. we would play tag outside, and he got us kenya 4 years ago. oprah: kenya the dog, the lab? >>
-800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433). it's your life. it's your voice. use it. new york, 43. kansas city, 55. albuquerque, 62. miami, a bit warmer at 83. l.a. still a bit cooler at 64. >>> a 20-mile stretch of interstate 95 along florida's space coast will remain closed today because of a massive wildfire. part of u.s. 1 is also closed. the fire started monday morning and quickly grew to more than 6,000 acres in brevard and volusia counties. residents of 20 homes are chose ton leave. >>> wisconsin's governor says layoff notices could start being issued to some state workers today. scott walker insists that will be the case if wisconsin lawmakers do not pass a bill that would end state employees' collective bargaining rights. walker is also set to release a two-year budget proposal today. it's expected to include major cuts to education as well as to funding for local governments. >>> in washington, there seems to be some progress being made toward a deal that would avoid a federal government shutdown. >> but it is far from a long-term solution and does not address the nation's most serious s
calmly. >> prime minister naoto kan speaking to us earlier, speaking in front of the media earlier, saying two of the most important things -- >> live coverage there from japan. the prime minister speaking again, a second news conference so far as this tragedy unfolds. we should point out this hour the coast guard is standing by in hawaii. a tsunami warning there. it could strike by 8:00 eastern time this morning. so, those authorities are in place right now as we watch that situation as well. this incident is not isolated to japan. >> right. >> a large part of the world watching. >> worldwide regions right now. we want to go to our abc correspondent in the center of it all, akiko fujita has been in the abc news bureau. we understand you were under your desk, basically, trying to protect yourself due to another aftershock, of which you've endured several this morning. >> reporter: that's right. we've been getting quite a lot of aftershocks. they have gotten weaker as the hours have gone by, but any time you get one, you kind of look around and then just hope the shaking stops. i ca
. >>> gorgeous shot there. well, this week president obama addressed the nation saying the u.s. had to act in libya. on tuesday he continued to push that message when he sat down with abc's diane sawyer. >> the two talked about where things now stand in that civil war-torn country as well as the future of its dictator, moammar gadhafi. >> reporter: as of this moment, any sign gadhafi wants out? >> well, i think what we're seeing is that the circle around gadhafi understands that the noose is tightening, that their days are probably numbered, and they're going to have to think through what their next steps are. >> we are hearing tonight, it's fierce fighting. the u.s. must send munitions. how long would it take to get there? >> well, you know, i wouldn't speculate on that. i think that it's fair to say that if we wanted to get weapons into libya we probably could. we're looking at all our options at this point. but keep in mind what we've accomplished. we have instituted no-fly zone that can be sustained for quite some time because it's an international effort. >> reporter: i want to try to
. >> investigators say a core breach in one of the reactors has occurred. akiko fujita brings us the latest live from tokyo. good morning. what is the lateest? >> reporter: good morning to you, rob. we are hearing the reactor vessel of reactor number three may have been breached. those developments coming to us from a press conference with japan's nuclear industrial safety agency. this is clearly troubling news because this raises the possibility that radiation from the reactor which combines uranium and plutonium, could be released. this all comes on a day when work resumed at fukushima daiichi plant just 24 hours after three workers suffered from radiation burns while attempting to replace a cable at one of the reactors. two remain in the hospital. the injuries halt halted work at the plant yesterday but crews are back out at the plant, trying to cool the reactors. the death toll continues to rise from the quake and tsunami. we learned today from the japanese national police agency that more than 10,000 are now confirmed dead. more than 17,000 still missing. it has been two weeks since the quake hi
that provides clean clothes for families affected by disasters. together we can provide loads of hope. visit us on facebook to see our efforts in haiti. >>> when it comes to what was trending on yahoo! search engines this week, you know the ipad 2 and my man, charlie sheen, were the hot topics. >> those are so obvious. those are sort of easy to figure out. while we were looking up pillowcase dresses and sushi on a stick, those were other hot topics, heather cabot joins us. to explain what we're talking about. good morning, heather. >>> hey, guys. the web is buzzing this week about apple and the ipad 2. yahoo! users can't get enough of the details. they're searching for everything from the price to the specs, of course, where to get it and how soon. people are doing their homework before they buy. they're looking at c-net and ngadget reviews that compare the number 2 to other original tablets. and steve jobs' unexpected appearance on camera to unveil the new ipad is also ramping up questions about his health again. but even apple's big news didn't tamp down the continued interest in the war of w
sent us and other people copies of a gun he bought -- copies of a receipt from a gun he bought, copies of a one-way ticket to anchorage. we kind of laughed it off. we got a restraining order on him. and lo and behold, last week he showed up in anchorage. >> reporter: sarah palin says she only ever plays to win. >> you're awesome, todd. >> reporter: her preferred tactic so far, the role of outsider. so with the political world watching her every move, she's enjoying making them wait. jackie long, bbc news, fairbanks, alaska. >> there she is. her name definitely being tossed around. also a couple of other folks, including donald trump. he sent a representative to assess things in iowa. >> it will be interesting. sarah is feuding with comedian kathy griffin. kathy has taken some potshots at -- >> kathy takes potshots at everyone. >> sarah palin fired back calling her a 50-year-old adult bully and a has-been comedian. >> she's a 50-year-old funny adult bully. that's for sure. you can definitely say that. the snow machine racing, good to see sarah palin there, snowmobiles. >> in her element
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the clock and allow negotiations to continue on. t.j. winick joins us with the details of what went down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the owners and nfl players union reached a 24-hour extension on their negotiating deadline, all to avoid a lockout, which could put this year's nfl season in jeopardy. there's a glimmer of hope in the fight over a new nfl labor contract. >> for all our fans who dig our game, we appreciate your patience as we work through this. we're going to keep working. we want to play football. >> reporter: thursday the league and the players union met for a tenth day with a federal mediator. president obama said he does not want to get involved. >> a time when people are having to cut back, compromise, paying for their kids' college education is the two parties should be able to work it out without the president of the united states intervening. >> reporter: a work stoppage would mean no spring practice, no free agency deals and potentially no 2011 season. >> everybody's concern is, where is the timetable from here and where does it go? >> reporter: two ma
to say they were all molested. >> tomorrow. oprah: garth brooks is back with us with a special performance. here he is singing "the dance." >> ♪ looking back on the memory of the dance we shared 'neath the stars above for a moment all the world was right yeah but how could i have known that you'd ever say good-bye? and now i'm glad i didn't know the way it all would end the way it all would go our lives are better left to chance i could have missed the pain but i'd have had to miss the dance [cheering] holding you i held everything and for a moment wasn't i a king? but if i'd only known how the king would fall hey, who's to say? you know, i might have changed it all and now i'm glad i didn't know the way it all would end the way it all would go our lives are better left to chance i could have missed the pain but i'd have had to miss the dance yes, my life it's better left to chance i could have missed the pain but i'd have had to miss the dance ♪ [cheering] oprah: wasn't that sweet? [cheering] oprah: he's something. he's the real deal. he is the real deal. go see garth at t
not made of everything in america. >> which was basically everything in the house. sharyn alfonsi shows us how hard it was to find new stuff for the house made in america. this morning what their brand new made in america home looks like. >> reporter: by now you know this family who might be asking themselves, why did we do this? >> hello. >> reporter: allowing with the world news" to check everything in their home. made in india. thailand. >> bangladesh. >> reporter: where is your couch made from? china. take out anything that wasn't made in america. they came home to an empty house. >> all of our appliances are gone. and microwave, no oven, no stove, no refrigerator. john, what you making for didn'ter? >> pb&j, american classic. >> reporter: living with the consequences at bedtime. even the dog. then came the real challenge, replacing everything we took out with products made right here in america. >> hi. i'm trying to find out -- >> reporter: remember how long it took them to find that american coffee maker? that's what i wanted to know. >> they seem stumped. >> one hour. we kept going.
and sleep. i'll stay in the back of this car until gadhafi leaves, he told us. we all will. we edge closer to the key oil city of ras lanuf, now the tip of the spear in the fight to bring down gadhafi. the battle is close. the charred evidence of fresh fighting is everywhere as is the thud of artillery fire. this is where all the fighters are gathering right now. this is the furthest west that we're able to go. just 30 miles west from where we are standing right here, there's a big battle in a place called bin jawad. that is just up ahead where gadhafi's forces attacked using their advantage, fighter jets to pound the rebels, stopping their march toward gadhafi's stronghold in tripoli. for now. and for now it is as far as we can go too. lama hasan, abc news, ras lanuf, libya. >> unbelievable. >>> political uncertainty in libya and other oil-producing countries has sent fuel prices skyrocketing. a record for this time of year, $3.52. over the past four weeks, prices have jumped 39 cents per gallon and analysts say no immediate relief in sight. >>> even though gas prices are the highest they
for us. i know what is the meaning of cross. >> reporter: he was pakistan's only senior christian government official, but he was threatened for his message of tolerance. so he recorded this message in case he was assassinated. >> these warnings cannot change my opinion and principles. i will prefer to die following my principle. >> reporter: he met the fate that he anticipated. minister left this house, one of his relative's houses and he and his driver left this house, they were shot while in the car. the killers left dozens of these pamphlets on the ground after they killed him. it's a warning that says to all jews, christian and muslim allies in pakistan and across the region, they will get the same fate as the minister. he braved the risks but he's been silenced. it's hard to imagine anyone daring to speak out now. nick schifrin, abc news, islamabad. >>> fashion designer john galliano faces a trial in france over those racial insults caught on tape. he has apologized for his behavior and said that he is seeking help for his personal failures. despite that apology, galliano's
controversial videos made on a u.s. aircraft carrier. >> john hendren has the details in washington. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. the navy found 25 raunchy videos were made aboard the "uss enterprise" and concluded senior officers fell far short of the standards navy holds for professional behavior and conduct. from ship to shore, it was a national embarrassment. crude language, riske shower scenes and one gay slur after another. >> let's ask the checkmates about being gay. that's not a good idea, is it. >> reporter: the man in the hugh hefner robe lost his command of the "uss enterprise" in january, shortly after this in-ship videos were made public by the virginiaen pilot newspaper. >> the investigation confirmed the profound lack of judgment on the part of captain honors, then serving as executive officer in "uss enterprise." >> reporter: though well liked by his crew -- >> i did not find him offensive in any way. i felt like he was doing it just to boost ship morale, that's it. >> reporter: the navy issued report on the videos. nonpunitive letters of caution to 32 ot
by air strikes. "it is a massacre," this rebel fighter told us. "i saw people die in front of me. even children," he said. lama hasan, abc news, benghazi, libya. >>> in other news, a man suspected in a long series of sexual assaults will appear today in a courtroom in connecticut. aaron thomas is believed to be the so-called east coast rapist. he's suspected in at least 17 attacks from virginia all the way up to rhode island. he tried to take his life saturday inside a jail cell. paramedics took thomas to the hospital where he recovered. now he's back in jail awaiting his court appearance. >>> well, it was a day of dueling budget protests in wisconsin. supporters of republican governor scott walker got together at an arena in madison. they back walker's attempt to strip state workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. many more protesters were outside that arena to voice their continued opposition to walker's plan. they say it's nothing more than an attempt to bust unions. >>> five republicans who were considering a possible run for president next
's agenda today and he will address the nation tonight to define u.s. priorities in confronting the gadhafi regime. >> also japan's nuclear crisis got even shakier this morning when the country was hit by yet another serious quake. also new reports of damaged fuel rods at the fukushima nuclear plant. we'll have the latest. >> and we'll lighten the mood later this half hour. march madness is not really madness to one talented teen out there. i'll introduce to you a guy who keeps tabs on college basketball like nobody else. you won't believe how much he's done at such a young age. >> you're in first place with the competition. >> not bragging yet. >>> first let's get down to the headlines. there are reports rebels have taken moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. >> that would be a big victory for the reb. s. they were aided by international air strikes overnight. >> continued u.s. involvement in the operation may be a tough sell. so the administration is now taking its case directly to the people today. abc's david kerley reports. >> do you think libya posed an actual or imminent threat to the
-mails, faxes and phone calls. this is what is actually used? >> this is a wooden board or a paddle. and this is the kind of divisive choice. >> reporter: we went to the school superintendent with photos of payton's injuries to get answers. how could this happen? we're doing a story about paddling in the school and we're trying to find out whether you think that this is acceptable. >> sir, i don't have any comment for you. don't appreciate the way you came in. i think you're highly unprofessional. have a good day. >> reporter: so, you're not -- >> have a good day, sir. >> reporter: payton's school says it has now stopped paddling. payton and his mom are not satisfied. they are suing. they say their goal is not only to get payton's teacher fired, but also to change the law. >> you know, you can't even hit a dog. you can't hit a prisoner. but you can hit my child because he made a bad grade. makes me crazy. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, rainsville, alabama. >> i think there's a lot of moms out there that probably feel the exact same way and are completely surprised to find out th
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